Solar panel SCHUTTEN Poly 300Wp 72 cells(MPPT 35V)

Solar panel SCHUTTEN Poly 300Wp 72 cells(MPPT 35V)

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Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Module
High Efficiency - High Reliability - High Safety- Eco-Friendly

Superb performance of the panels even after 30 years!
Check the solar panel aging calculator tool. Get the best stability solar panels on the market.

High quality solar panels using the top material for long time performace. Fully new panels from the factory with long time production. 100% warranty on the parameters. Minimum 30 year life-span and much more.

The connection box for attaching cables is on the rear side of the panel. Solar panel includes connection cables with MC4 connectors. Cables length is 90cm.

High Efficiency
- Solder-coatingless cells
- Fine Grid Electrodes
- BSF (Back Surface Field) Structure
- Anti-Reflective Coating
- Back Film Reflected Light
- High-Transmittance Glass
- High Power Output in Actual Use

High Reliability
- Original derating designing concept
- Straight Tabs
- Double-Sided Independent Tabs
- Reliable Bus Bar
- High-Corrosion resistance of Frame
- High Tensile Strength Structure
- Hollow-less Structure Frame
- Tempered Glass
- Triple-Layer Structure Back Film

High Safety
- Triple-Layer Structure Junction Box
- Highly Reliable Bypass Diode
- Lock Mechanism Equipped Connectors
- Conformity with IEC 61215, IEC61730 standard

- Lead-free solder PV module
- Manufactured in the plant certified ISO14001
- Recyclable steel pallets

Weight (kg) 24
Connector MC4
Peak power (Wp) 300
MPP voltage (V) 35,9
MPP current (A) 8,35
Voltage without load (V) 44,5
Short-circuit current (A) 8,92
Efficiency of solar panel (%) 15,5
Max. compressive load (Pa) 4500
Height (mm) 1956
Width (mm) 992
Depth (mm) 45
Nominal Voltage (V) 35
Width of cell (mm) 156
Height of cell (mm) 156
Number of cells 72
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