Solar panel SCHUTTEN Mono 40 Wp 36 cells (MPPT 18V

Solar panel SCHUTTEN Mono 40 Wp 36 cells (MPPT 18V

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High efficiency and lightweight monocrystalline solar panel distributed by GWL. Nominal power of 40 watts. Suitable for all types of systems including off-grid, GridFree, hybrid grid and other installations.
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    A multipurpose solar panel with the high quality monocrystalline solar cell technology. The highest efficiency at direct sunshine. Real yield results: in a cloudy days you may gain about 50% of nominal power. In a rainy day about 10% of the nominal power.

    Hardened outer layer protects the panel against hails. Lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame allows for an easy installation. Compact dimensions of the panel make the installation quite easy.

    The connection box for attaching cables is on the rear side of the panel. The panel has no cables provided.

    This panel is suitable for operation at nominal voltage of 18 V. We recommend to use the MPPT solar controller with 12 V or 24V LiFePO4 batteries for maximum performance.


    Weight (kg) 2,9
    Connector NO
    Peak power (Wp) 40
    MPP voltage (V) 18
    MPP current (A) 2,23
    Voltage without load (V) 21,6
    Short-circuit current (A) 2,36
    Efficiency of solar panel (%) 13,26
    Max. compressive load (Pa) 4500
    Height (mm) 540
    Width (mm) 510
    Depth (mm) 25
    Nominal Voltage (V) 12
    Width of cell (mm) 125
    Height of cell (mm) 125
    Number of cells 36
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