Solar panel DAY4 Flexible Poly 80 Wp 10V

Solar panel DAY4 Flexible Poly 80 Wp 10V

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High performance lightweight and flexible poly crystalline solar panel with 80 Wp. Special technology DAY4 Flexible. Suitable for all flexible panel installations. Excellent quality - Made in Europe.
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    Flexible solar panels with the most advanced technology! Innovative polycrystalline panels with constructed with Day4 DNA technologies are different from all other solar panels.

    Stay-powerful Technology
    Interconnects solar electric cells and collects the power they generate. More power from solar cells! Download the PDF with details. Check Video with explanation of the Stay-powerful Technology.

    Work-smart Technology
    The intelligent shade protection for real world conditions. Download the PDF with details. Check Video with explanation of the Work-smart Technology.

    Live-long Technology
    The assurance of durability, quality and that the module will meet your performance expectations for many years. Download the PDF with details. Check Video with explanation of the Live-long Technology.

    Easy Installation at all Positions
    The great advantage of the flexible panel is its ability to adapt to the surface and it's definitely ideal for installation in caravans, boats and other areas to which the standard solar panels not to fit. The panel is very lightweight, and thanks to the reinforcement technology it is also relatively robust. It can be installed even on flat areas.

    Operating suggestions
    Panel 80Wp has a maximum voltage of 10.4 V and therefore at least two panels need to be used in series to work with a 12V regulator. Multiple panels can be connected in series to work with higher voltage solutions. To maximize performance, we recommend using the panels with MPPT solar controller and in conjunction with LiFePO4 battery packs or MicroInverters.


    Superior energy collection
    Solar cells are at the heart of PV modules – they convert the sun’s energy into electricity. The way cells are interconnected, and the energy collected, can have a significant impact on the amount of electricity delivered. Solar modules with stay-powerful Technology connect cells in an innovative way that can result in superior energy collection.
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